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Pocket Smoke-Escaping Mask

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Key Features

Your Emergent Lifesaving Tool Anytime & Anywhere


According to survey, fire claimscasualties in minutes and smoke is the biggest threat in firing place. The productis made from hi-tech materials, featuring easy putting on/taking off inemergent moment. With high-temperature resistance up to 450,it can filter toxins in dense smoke and stay in the fire for 15~20 minutes.Users can escape from the hazardous situation with ease and rapid. It isapplicable in houses, recreation places or as outgoing and traveling.


How to use:

1.   Stretchelastic neck cover with both hands.

2.   Puton hood upwards.

3.   Pullelastics upwards from the front and across the head, then fasten in the rear ofhead.

4.   Finish.



a.   HoodBody: In use of aerospace-grade hi-tech heat-retaining Poltimide Film, capableof 450hi-tempresistance.

b.   Smoke-proof& Toxin-filtering Mask: Featuring 7-layer filtration, the first layer asfire-retardant layer made from oxide fiber cloth with 1200heat-resistance ; thesecond-to-sixth layer known respectively as air-through layer, active carboncloth layer ; the seventh layer directly in contact with skin with comfort.

c.   Fire-retardantElastics: After putting on hood, pulling the strap forward from the rear ofhead to enhance the firm attachment between mask and mouth-nose pars andincrease the fresh air supply for fear that exhaled vapor may blur thesee-through window.

d.   ElasticNeck Cover; Attached to the neck to intensive intense smoke and toxins,applicable for all ages.


Use instruction:

1. Touse the item, tear the outer pack open and wear it over the head while escapingto safe place.

2. Theuse the item, place it against your nose and keep long hair inside the mask.

3. Themask keeps one from inhaling smoke for 15~20 minutes in regular smoke.

4.  Don’topen it if not in need.

5.  If the package is not opened, the mask will remain effective for 5years.



l Heatresistance to up 450.

l Keepingfresh air for survival.

l Filteringtoxic gas, fatal smoke.

Fire-proof elastics can enhance the function of toxin-filtering masks.

Last Update : 2013-02-20
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