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Multifunction Calibrator

Model No.
CL 325
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Key Features

Multifunction Calibrator ( CL 325) CL 325 Features 1. 4-20mA (1K Ohm load, 24V Loop Supply) 2. 0-100.00mV,0-1.000V, 0-12.000V 3. K, J, E, T Thermocouple (蚓 and 蚌) 4. Frequency 1-62500 Hz 5. 0.025% Basic Accuracy 6. Easy Key-pad Operation 7. Easy Step and Auto Ramp Functions 8. 0-20mA, 0-24mA selectable 9. 0-100% Input (mA, mV, V ) 10. Beeper warning when output is open (mA) or short (mV,V) Multifunction Calibrator Specifications: Electrical Specification Electrical Specification (23蚓 ?5蚓, 3 minutes after power is on) mA DC Current (1K Ohm Max. Load, 24V Loop Supply) Range Resolution Accuracy 4 - 20mA, 0 - 20mA, 0 -24 mA 1渙 ?0.025% ?-3 渙 Beeper warning when output is open and specified current output > 1mA mV, V DC Voltage (1mA Supply Current) Range Resolution Accuracy 0 - 100.00mV 10猩 ?0.05% ?30猩 0 - 10.000V 1mV ?0.05% ?3mV 0 - 1.0000V 100?V ?0.05% ?300?V Beeper warning when output is short and specified voltage output > 10mV K, J, E, T type Thermocouples K, J, E, T type Thermocouples ( 1蚓,1蚌 Resolution,1K Ohm load Min. ) Range Accuracy Range Accuracy K: -200 to 0 蚓 ?1.1蚓 K: -328 to 32蚌 ?2.0蚌 K: 0 to 1370 蚓 ?0.8蚓 K: 32 to 2400蚌 ?1.5蚌 J: -100 to 0 蚓 ?0.9蚓 J: -148 to 32蚌 ?1.6蚌 J: 0 to 760 蚓 ?0.7蚓 J: 32 to 1400蚌 ?1.2蚌 E: -100 to 0 蚓 ?0.9蚓 E: -148 to 32蚌 ?1.6蚌 E: 0 to 700 蚓 ?0.7蚓 E: 32 to 1292蚌 ?1.2蚌 T: -200 to 0 蚓 ?1.0蚓 T: -328 to 32蚌 ?1.8蚌 T: 0 to 400 蚓 ?0.8蚓 T: 32 to 752蚌 ?1.5蚌 Frequency (1 - 62.5KHz, 1K Ohm Load Min.) Frequency (1 - 62.5KHz, 1K Ohm Min.) Range Resolution Accuracy 1 - 125 Hz 1 Hz ?0.04Hz 126 - 62.5K 604 Selectable Frequencies General Specification General Specification Battery Type: 9V Alkaline Battery Power Consumption: 60mA - 180mA (depends on output) Low battery: 5.5V at 150mA Load Display: 4 and 5 Digits Operating Temperature: 0 to 50蚓 ( 32 to 122 蚌)

Product Certification

Last Update : 2015-10-19
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