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Long Reach Ethernet Extender to Coaxial Adapter

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MLS-200-E, Long Reach Ethernet Extender
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IP over Coaxial, IP over Copper, Long Reach Ethernet Extender, LRE, VDSL2, 300 meter, 500 meter, Ethernet over copper, Ethernet over Coaxial, without Fiber Cable


  • Interface Type : RJ-11,RJ-45
  • Style : External
  • Type : Wired

Key Features

Long Reach ethernet extender over copper wire. Contains two RJ-45 ports, two RJ-11 phone jacks, and one coaxial jack. Contact us to learn more about our products and to get a custom quote.

Long Reach Ethernet Extend

1WAN,2 LAN, 10/100Mbps , 2-Port Ethernet over LRE Bridge (Combo Interface for Copper or Coaxial, Ethernet over Copper or Ehernet over Coaxial)

High performance Ethernet over LRE Solution

The MLS-200-E is an Ethernet over Long Reach Ethernet(LRE) product with high performance. It is easy bridge that efficiently extends 10/100 Ethernet circuits to 2 wire-Networking LAN for Internet and Intranet access. The LRE technology offers the absolutely fastest data transmission speeds over existing copper telephone lines or Coaxial line without the need of rewiring. The MLS-200-E supports ultra-high performance to the pervasive telephone line network with up to 100/100Mbps symmetric data rate with in 300m and 7.8/2Mbps for 2.1km(copper) long connections.

Implements with Existing Telephone Copper Wires

The MLS-200-E is also a Long Reach Ethernet (LRE) converter provides two RJ-45 Ethernet ports and two RJ-11 phone jacks and one Coaxial Jack. One RJ11/Coaxial is for LRE connection and the other is for POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) connection. The MLS-200-E had built-in POTS splitter to share the existing phone line with POTS, therefore it is no need of replacing the existing copper wiring. Just plug the MLS-200-E into the existing RJ-11 telephone jack and a high-performance LRE network can be connected. It is ideal for use ad Ethernet extender to an existing 1-pair network.

Implements with Existing Coaxial Wires

The MLS-200-E had Coaxial Interfaces for point-to-point wiring network. The MLS-200-E supports ultra-high performance to the pervasive Coaxial (RG-59/RG-6) line network with up to 100/100Mbps symmetric data rate with in 500m and 15/1Mbps for 3km long connections.

Easy Installation

The Converter is plug-and-play design and fully compatible with all kinds of network protocols. Moreover, the operating status of each individual port and the whole system can be watched via the rich diagnostic LEDs on the front panel. MLS-200-E build in DIP switch selectable can be setting to central side (CO) or client side (CPE) mode. For point-to-point connection, a CPE mode MLS-200-E and a CO mode MLS-200-E must setup as one pair of converters to perform the connection.

Providers Superior Upstream and Downstream Transmission

The MLS-200-E also defines asymmetric and symmetric band plans and auto mode for the transmission of upstream and downstream signals. For more information please reference Table.

Ethernet Extender Application diagram:

 (Etherent over copper, Ethernet over Coaxail)

Product Certification

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Last Update : 2019-06-05
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