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Image measure software 2.5D

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MetroImage 2.5D
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Key Features

similar product: MetroImage3D image measure software, it suitable for vision system add-on touch probe. 

MetroImage 2.5D image measure software introduction

1.   Basic Functions
  • Adjustable functional frame position, auto-hide, active and deactivate available.
  • Automatic and manual backup of measured data.
  • Multilingual switch including Traditional Chinese, Simple Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.
  • Basic geometric measurement including point, line, circle, ellipse, arc, square slot, round slot …
  • Curves outline scanning.
  • Features calculation: angle, distance, intersection point, intersection line, middle point, middle line, middle plane, point of tangent, tangent, perpendicular line,  perpendicular point …
  • Form tolerance calculation: straightness, flatness, circularity, ovality, cylindrical, point deviation, ball deviation, cone deviation, circle arc deviation, square slot deviation, round slot deviation …
  • Location and orientation tolerance calculation: parallelism, perpendicularity, true position, concentrically, symmetry …
  • Coordinate system memory and recall.
2.  Rapid inspection function. Import DXF file into the Image Viewing Window, for quick comparison confirmation.
3.  Optimized image filtering, noise,gray-scale and color filter function.
4.  Multi-partition control of Ring-light to ensure best lighting
5.  To facilitate a wide range of image tools
  • Besides the traditional image detected tool that is able to measure point, line, circle and arc, the software also provides measuring round slot, square slot, two lines intersection point and line and arc connecting point rapid tools.
  • Image magic tool – Automatically determines which tool should be used according to work piece outline and auto establish detected region.
  • Image easy get point tool - Accurate rapid measurement point may be gained according to color changing of mouse cursor.
  • Central edge detection tool - Cross-line point detect tool, and when reaches close edge the cross-line flashes and changing colors automatically.
  • Circular and box tool- you can use Up and Down, and Left and Right key on keyboard to adjust diameter of the circular tool and width of the box tool.
6.  Focus Combine for image synthesis
7.  Diversity Measurement Diagram Processing,1~4 Sub-window to show measurement diagrams.Measurement diagram and CCD image stack.Diversification of Graphics Storage format.
8.  Manual-Focus Available,Whatever there is linear scale of Z-axis or not, manual–focus function is available. To use it, user needs only move Z-axis under the guide in the drawing, easy to use. No longer is any difficulty to operate surface focusing now.
9.  Measuring data directly into Microsoft Excel sheet or saved as Excel or Word format.
10. Easy to establishment of measuring macro program and function icon.
11. Full-functional Dual-Probe measurement,Besides image measuring, the software also provides Touch-Probe measuring function(optional).
12. On-line Data Collection and Statistical Chart Making (optional)

Last Update : 2015-11-10
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