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Mechanical Speedometer for Motorcycle Digital Odometer

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Acewell CA-085 Speedometer
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Mechanical Speedometer for Motorcycle Digital Odometer!

Key Features

Classic Needle Speedometer with digital display for tachometer, voltmeter, and hour meter.

  • Clastic 85mm needle speedometer or tachometer with digital LCD display.
  • LCD shows digital functions of speedometer, tachometer, maximum RPM and SPD, average speed, trip meter 1/2, odometer, riding time, total riding time, total hour meter, volt meter, temperature meter, volt meter and clock. 
  • Integrates 6 LED warning lamps with different symbols depending on model. Built-in RGB LED backlight, user can adjust his/her prefer backlight color. Backlight can be switched on independently. 
  • Fast processor so can connect to pulse type gearbox speed sensors. Allows end user to adjust odometer when the odometer is less than 30km / 18.6 miles.
  • Universal wheel circumference setting range: 1-3999mm. 
  • CA-085-1XX/2XX includes main unit, bracket, RPM sensing wire, speed sensor, fitting kits, wiring harness and sleeve of main unit. 
  • Excellent water resistant, anti-vibration structure and noise immunity design. 
Needle Speedometer: 
  1. Indicates speedometer by analogue needle. 
  2. Speedometer Scale shows the needle maximum speed of the model as bellows: 
             CA-085-15X: 150Km/H 
             CA-085-21X: 210Km/H 
             CA-085-26X: 260Km/H 

RPM: Digital Tachometer 
  1. It displays digital tachometer up to 19,990RPM and displays 19,999 rpm when tachometer is over 20,000rpm. 
  2. It has 2 wires to pick up RPM signal, the yellow wire is to connect to Plug, and white wire is for signal from ECU or Ignition coil.
Shift Warning RPM 
  1. The function enables you to set up a shift warning RPM.
  2. Shift warning LED indicator flashes when RPM reaches setting value, and stops flashing after you shift gear.
MAX RPM: Maximum Tachometer 
           Displays highest tachometer achieved since last Reset operation 

SPD: Speedometer 
  1. Displays speed meter up to 399.9 Km/H or 248.5 MPH. 
  2. The maximum frequency from speed sensor is 7K Hz. 
  3. With a small wheel size and large number of pulses per wheel revolution it may not be possible to display very high speeds.
MAX SPD: Maximum Speed Meter
          Displays highest speed achieved since last Reset operation. 

AVG: Average Speed Meter 
          It calculates average speed from last RESET. The AVG is calculated from TRIP be divided by RT. 

TRIP 1 or 2: Trip Meter 1 or 2 
          TRIP function accumulates trip distance since last RESET as long as bike/vehicle is moving

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Last Update : 2019-02-21
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