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2 port 5V 12V Dual Power eSATA eSATAp EUHP Adapter Card + 2.5" 3.5" HDD Cable

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Key Features

ItemNumber: 82003


ProductDescription: 2 port Power eSATAp / USB2.0(Power Over eSATA, eSATA/USB) AdapterCard supports Dual Power 5V and 12V(55007) + 5V/12V Power eSATAp to SATA 22 pinHDD Adapter Cable(22001)



        shentek products Adapter Card supports 2port 5V/12V Power Over eSATAp II/USB2.0 interface for your Desktop system. Itallows you to connect your 5V/12V Power eSATAp/USB device with out externalPower Adapter for 5.25”DVD player or 3.5”SATA HDD or 2.5”SATA with SATA II 3Gbps transfer rate. It is 5 times fast then USB2.0.

Alsoallows you to connect with normal eSATA devices, but when you connect with yournormal eSATA devices, it still needs power adapter for your devices, becausenormal eSATA device has no 5V and 12V power pin support.

More, italso supports with USB2.0 or 1.1 devices, too. The 5V/12V Power Over eSATAp/USBhas support USB pin, so allows connect with USB A type products.

55007 is easy to set up External Boost up foryour System with out BIOS setting. You just need to remove your internal SATAHDD to External and connect . Then you can have External boot up HDD with you.When you want to switch different OS system, you just need to change OS HDDwith one step.

Power OvereSATAp 5V/12V

Here ismore information to clear for you why you do not need any power supply for yourExternal SATA devices. It is about the Power Over eSATAp connector – We haveuse 5V/12V Power Over eSATAp/USB connector to design this product. Theconnector has

7 pin forSATA data transfer

4 pin forUSB2.0 data transfer, it has also 5V power support. As we have USB2.0 has 5Vpower. The 5V power is comes from Desktop Power Supply.

2 pin for12V Power supports. The 12V power comes from Desktop Power Supply.

Hot Swap

The product has support “Hot Swap”, it hasdepend on your M/B. For now, some M/B’s SATA port has supported with Hot Swap,but some has no support it. If no support Hot Swap, after you connector theSATA HDD, it will also not support with Hot Swap, too


Theconnector allows you to connect with USB devices too. The Power Over eSATAconnector allows us to connect with USB A type products too.


        SATA interface Enclosure

        USB Interface Enclosure

        USB Devices

        SATA 3.5”/2.5”HDD

        SATA interface CD/DVD Player(Desk PCType)

        Solid State Drive(SSD)


Featuresand Benefit

        Expands 2 eSATAp or USB2.0 ports foryour system

        Transfer Rate up to 3Gbps for SATA port,480Mbps for USB2.0 port

        Supports 5V/12V power from Power eSATApconnector

        Supports No Driver needs for all OS

        Easy to set up for External Boot system




                Communication controller: none

                Connector: Power eSATAp/USB x 2



                Number of ports: 2 ports

                SATA Standard: SATA II

                USB Standard: USB 2.0



                SATA II: Up to 3Gbps

                USB2.0: Up to 480Mbps


        Driver Support

                No driver needs


        Physical Characteristics

                Bracket: Standard

                Bracket Space: 1(StandardBracket)



Shentek products 5V/12V Power Over eSATAp to SATA 22 pinHDD Adapter Cable. It supports with 2.5”/3.5” SATA HDD and 5.25” Blueray Play, DVD Play and CD Rom with datatransfer and power for 5V and 12V. Because of use 5V/12V Power Over eSATApconnector.



        2.5”/3.5” SATA I and SATA II HDD

        5.25”DVD Player


Featuresand Benefit

        Transfer Rate up to 3Gbps for SATA port

        Power eSATAp to SATA 22 Pin

        No Driver needs




                Communication controller: None


5V/12VPower eSATAp – to Host

SATA 22Pin – to SATA HDD



                SATA Standard: SATA II and SATAI



                SATA II: Up to 3Gbps


        Driver Support

                No Driver needs



        Standards and Certifications

                CE and FCC supports


        Product Production

                Production: Made in Taiwan

                Product Location: Taipei, Taiwan


        Package Content

                2 port Power eSATAp/USB AdapterCard x1

                Embedded USB Cable x 2

                SATA Cable x 2

                Power Cable x 1

                Quick Instill Guide x 1



                Warranty Period: 1 Year



Last Update : 2015-12-23
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